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Miura Hawkins

Miura Hawkins

Senior Software Developer

“Big data is the best tool we have to gain insights into the nature of financial risk.”



With a highly multidisciplinary background in Neuroinformatics, Mathematics, Cognitive Science, and French Culture from the ETH Zurich and Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland, Miura has held research positions in Neuroscience and Biology laboratories, studying the neural mechanisms of language comprehension and production and the molecular peculiarities of a rare subtype of adrenocortical cancer. For 8 years she represented the USA internationally as a member of the US National Climbing Team, and was the Female Junior Sport Climbing National Champion in 2010. She is fascinated by human beings, and likes dogs too.


TAK ltd. Freelance Django/Python Developer 2016 – 2018
University of Michigan Health System Research Assistant 2016


ETH Zurich M.Sc. Neural Systems and Computation
Johns Hopkins University BA Cognitive Science, Mathematics, French Culture